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When is the Best Time for a Portrait?

Now. Now is always the best time. Here’s why.

People often contact me excited for a portrait session only to backpedal because, “I need to lose five pounds first,” or “I don’t have the right clothes,” or … something. I never hear from those people again.

If you wait until everything is perfect you’ll never have a portrait.

Leave perfection to me. Even the most beautiful celebrities count on posing, lighting makeup and retouching to give them their resplendent glamour.

If you have doubts, look up “celebrities before Photoshop.”

I promise that you are ready for your closeup right this minute.

I did a photo session with a dedicated gym rat whose eyes widened when he saw the unretouched images. “You made me look like those guys in the sports magazines!” What he didn’t understand was that he always looked like those guys, he just hadn’t been lit in a way to show it.

You don’t have to be perfect to sit for a perfect portrait. And, hey, if you do lose those five pounds, you can come back in. I’ll give you a repeat customer discount.


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